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Studio 397 has announced sweeping updates to their GT3 cars due out this month! They are revamping the Balance of Performance tables and applying a tire update, both of which are much needed and could help see the class return to XSR competition in RF2. Original story here: https://www.studio-397.com/2023/01/announcing-gt3-update-new-tyres-and-bop/ Photo credit: Studio 397
After a season off, the Xplore Sports Car Championship is set to return for a second season. Previously hosting two classes of competition between the Cadillac DPi.VR and the GTE cars, this time the series organizers have added the new Porsche 992 GT3 Cup to the mix along with the Acura ARX-05 DPi found in the Rfactor2 workshop. When asked why now for the second season and about the addition of the Acura and Porsche Cup car, they had this to say: “Last season all members of our administration had a lot of life changes, leaving us little room for series so we had to pick and choose. This year things have note only settled down for all us, but we added a new member and are still searching for another member or two to join our league...
December 2022 Dev. Details: Reiza Studios have released their Automobilista 2 December Development Update. In it, you can read all about what is coming up for the racing sim. We'll briefly go over the main points here. Updates on Upcoming DLC 6 packs of DLC have been announced to still release for the 2020-2022 season pass. Their release dates have been pushed as seen below. Supercars Pt 1 - December 2022 Brazilian Racing Legends Pt 1 - December 2022 Historic Track Pack Pt 1 - December 2022 Nürburgring Historic 1971 - January 2023 Adrenaline Pack Pt1 - Q1 2023 6th Premium Track - Q1 2023 Racin´ USA Bonus Pack - Q2 2023 If you have already purchased the 2020-2022 season pass, all these pieces of content will be available to you...