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XVRA Classic GT Info


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
Game: Automobilista 2
DLCs: Season Pass (easiest) OR Various DLC
Cars: Classic GT; Corvette C3/Porsche 911 RSR
Tracks: Some DLC
Sessions: Open Practice anytime a server is up. Final Practice. Warm Up Race.

Basic racing rules apply. Grid will be random for race 1 and then reverse championship order from there out for the 7-11 remaining races, if possible. Drivers may forfeit their starting position and start at the back, if possible. In the case of multiple forfeitures, cars will be placed in order they forfeited their grid spot. Formation/Rolling Start.

(Pending) A short manual yellow (no safety car, leader must slow to pit lane speed) will be called around halfway (or other select times within reason) if the field gets too split up. Lead car will need to activate their pit lane speed limiter. Or drive at 60mph. Yellows typically last a lap or less, as we try to get as many cars back on the lead lap, get repairs etc. The first time we implemented this in Porsche Cup S3, it resulted in amazing battles for the win. Further proof of this method occurred with CTCC Season 1. Drivers need to have the in game chat box turned on and be able to receive chat messages for the purpose of the manual/virtual yellow.

Points will be awarded based on the IndyCar points system, including bonus points, and with the additional single bonus point for running the fastest lap of the session, and a single additional point for pole time.

Once a driver competes in the series, they will receive 10 points for races they are absent after their first race unless we have a field larger than 15 cars. This keeps drivers closer to their championship rivals if they miss an event without totally upsetting the standings.

Weather will be live or at least AMS2s version of live. Full Course Yellows (with Safety Car) will not be called by administration in any case.

The Races - All dual 25 minute races.
Track Order:
1. Nov 4 - Spielberg Classic
2. Nov 11 - Silverstone
3. Nov 18 - Montreal Historic
4. Dec 2 - Interlagos
5. Dec 9 - Long Beach
6. Dec 16 - Watkins Glen Full

Event Night:
7:15 pm - Final Practice
8:10 pm - Qualifying 1
8:25 pm - Race 1
9:00 pm - Qualifying 2
9:10 pm - Race 2
**Times are flexible and races may be pushed back up to 15 minutes without warning. This is to ensure maximum grid.
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Is there a race tonight,it’s currently 7:10pm eastern time November 4th, what the name of server? Maybe I’m missing something
Current points with 1 event to go.

Daniel - 400
Tim - 335 (-65)
Glenn - 299 (-101)
Spike - 285 (-115)

I apologize for not keeping a better job this series, just had a lot going on in the background.
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The above points listing was incorrect, following some new information. Below is the corrected points standings entering Watkins Glen, the final round of the 2023 Classic GT series.

Daniel 420
Tim 399
Glenn 299
Spike 295
Final Points:
Daniel 500
Tim 499
Spike 365
Glenn 319

Congratulations Daniel on the Championship! Congrats Tim on an amazing 7 wins!