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XPC23 Info: Porsche Cup Season 3


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
Game: Rfactor2
DLCs: Porsche Cup 992
Cars: Porsche 992 GT3 Cup
Tracks: Workshop
Sessions: Open Practice anytime a server is up. Final Practice. Warm Up Race.

Basic racing rules apply. Grid will be random for race 1 and then reverse championship order from there out for the 11 remaining races. Drivers may forfeit their starting position and start at the back. In the case of multiple forfeitures, cars will be placed in order they forfeited their grid spot.

A short manual yellow (no safety car) will be called around halfway (or other select times within reason) if the field gets too split up. Lead car will need to activate their pit lane speed limiter. Yellows typically last a lap or less, as we try to get as many cars back on the lead lap, get repairs etc. In the first 6 races this has resulted in amazing battles for the win.

Points will be awarded based on the IndyCar points system, including bonus points, and with the additional single bonus point for running the fastest lap of the session.

Weather will be live via a live weather plugin. Full Course Yellows (with Safety Car) will not be called by administration in any case.

The Races - All dual 25 minute races.
Track Order:
1.Apr 22 - NOLA Motorsports Park Indy
2. May 6 - Autodrom Most
3. June 17 - Road Atlanta
4. Jul 1- Blackwood (Night Race)
5. Jul 15 - Road America
6. Jul 22 - LausitzRing

Event Night:
7:15 pm - Final Practice
8:00 pm - Warm Up 1
8:15 pm - Race 1
8:40 pm - Warm Up 2
8:50 pm - Race 2
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I will be providing (up to a certain point) the custom liveries for this series much like I did for the first XPC season. All cars will be the same livery with different paint options.

Here is the base paint.
The red wraps around onto the rear bumper.

So what are your options? Well you can choose the color for each of the 3 zones. Matte or gloss options only as I won’t have time to perfect the metallic on each car. Mirrors will be colored in Zone B. You also get to pick your number during registration. You can have multiple zones the same color. Some of the admin cars are below.

Example Paint Zones
Zone A: White
Zone B: Red
Zone C: Yellow (the stripe).

#11 Alex

#65 Daniel

#74 Spike

So think about the colors because when we open registration you’ll need to enter the colors you want on there. I will assume gloss paint, so if you want matte paint please specify.
Skin pack is getting a final touch up and will be released to entrants before tonight's races. At this time there are no Blue Group entrants so we will not be racing at 6pm. Anyone who wishes to join the Red Run Group for the 8pm slot will still need to register and will drive the #00 test car.
Starting Grid for Race 3 will be

Hunter, D
Hunter, T
New change for the series. We tried it at NOLA last night on a whim and it worked out great.

Between 12 and 14 minutes elapsed time there may be a one lap, manual FCY if the field is spread out to give everyone a better racing experience. This is not a guarantee that we will do it because if the racing seems good and tight through the field we don’t want to disrupt that
Race 2 from Autodrom Most has been suspended indefinitely. If we have the ability to run an extra round later in the season we will.

We will continue with the scheduled 2 rounds at Road Atlanta.
Series has been modified to eliminate the early run group as no one used it. Series has been awesome fun, and the tracks have made for some insane racing!

Registration is open, we have 12 color schemes premade ready to be chosen or you can select your own trio of colors! 3 races to go! Get your slot today!