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[News] Spiegel Survives More Technical Glitches, Wins Race 2

In Race 1, which occurred just prior to Race 2, Spike Spiegel, driver of the #77 Ford Focus, had massive technical glitches causing his machine to lag for 20-25 seconds per episode. That didn’t stop him from bringing home the victory in race two, despite one more glitch following some changes between races.

At the start Spiegel had a great jump on pole sitter D. Hunter, the pair running side by side all the way to T2, where Hunter prevailed and continued to lead the first stint. A few laps in Spiegel suffered another lockup with his machine, setting him back more than 20 seconds and in his haste to make up time, he drove off at T6 and hit the tire barrier, bending his steering.

In a turn of luck, the competition caution had not yet come out. This allowed Spiegel to pit for repairs and tires without losing any additional time and get back to the leaders to put on a fight.

Hunter was leading Briden at the restart, Spiegel in 3rd with Tim Hunter continuing to struggle in his BMW.
With just a few laps the battle for the win was down to two cars after Spiegel got by Briden early in the second stint and a multi lap battle between Hunter and Spiegel ended with Hunter dropping a tire on the outside of T6 and spinning across the track, handing the lead and subsequently the win to Spiegel.

Following race 2, Briden still leads the Championship with Spiegel and Hunter close behind.