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XSCC Information, Discussion, & Registration Link


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
XSCC Logo Medium.pngWelcome to the return of the Xplore Sports Car Championship! Back for a second season and featuring both prototype and GT machinery, this series will pit IMSA's DPis against GTE and GTC class cars. As interest develops, classes can be added. Default skins will be used on S397s Cadillac DPi, GTE cars, and Porsche Cup 992, which for us will be the GTC class.

Dates: January - June
Day of week: Saturdays
Anticipated Number of Races : 10
Extendable Season: Yes, depending on interest.
Game: RF2 + Official DLCs
Classes: DPi, GTLM (GTE), GTC (Porsche Cup 992) (see Below)
Start Date: January 21, 2023

Race Night Schedule (all times GMT-5, Eastern Standard/Daylight Time)
Practice: All day
Qualifying: 7:45pm
Warm Up: 7:50pm
Race: 8:00pm
Race length: 60 minutes
Weather: Live Weather via Climacell/Toomorrow.io
FCY: IMSA style Safety Car (see below)
FCY Pits: Closed at yellow, everyone pits on lap 2. (see below)
Start: Rolling.

Points will follow the real world IndyCar points table in each class (proper table to come soon). Teams will not score points this first season, however teams are allowed to compete, and we encourage teams to join our series. If there is enough interest, this series will have a 6 hour exhibition finale at VIR that will count towards the XSR Grand Championship.

The Acrura ARX-05 is currently available to use as it appears to be relatively close to the Cadillac, however if problems arise it may be excluded so be familiar with the S397 Cadillac.

Full Course Yellow Procedure:
FCY will be 3-5 laps, just follow the on screen prompts. When we call yellows we will call them for 3 laps but sometimes it calls them for more and has a different pit sequence, so again just follow the on screen instructions, once the entire field has had the opportunity to visit pit road, we will clear the yellow manually in order to shorten it.

Classes: We are using S397 classes for this series. There are no minimum entries for each class, so there may be races where we only have 1 of a class involved. We are also using default S397 skins for the cars.
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Jan 21 - Daytona (90 Minutes)
Feb 11 - Sebring (90 Minutes)
Feb 25 - St Pete
Mar 11 - VIR
Mar 25 - Long Beach
Apr 8 - Road America
Apr 22 - Watkins Glen (90 Minutes)
May 6 - Detroit Belle Isle
May 20 - Mont Tremblant
Jun 3 - NOLA Indy
Jun 17 - XSCC Driver Selection (See Poll)
Jul 1 - Road Atlanta - Championship Finale (90 Minutes)
Oct 21 - VIR 6HR (Exhibition)*
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Sporting & Technical Rules (SR)
Except for what is listed here, basic racing rules apply. You are expected to practice before joining the server for Qualifying, and to leave your fellow racer room to race of at least one car width.

1. Have Fun
1.1 Bottom line is, we are sim racing to have fun. So let's have fun while we race. No sense in letting something that happens on race night ruin our good times. Cut loose, race clean and enjoy yourself!

2. Classes
2.1 Classes are DPi, GTLM, GTC (Porsche Cup 992)
2.2 XSR may determine a reclassification is necessary at its discretion and points will be recalculated as needed to make this happen.
2.3 There is no minimum entry for any class.
2.4 Race Control will not re-class any drivers due to performance.
2.5 Drivers are free to change between any class as often as they wish, so long as they understand that they will only score points in the classes in which they run an event.

3. Balance of Performance
3.1 BoP will remain game stock at the start of the season and will be adjusted as we need to in order to ensure the field is level.
3.2 We will use ballast weight.

4. Registration
4.1 Drivers of all skill levels are welcome.
4.2 All drivers intending to race must register with the link in the next post.
4.3 Drivers are free to choose their class.
4.4 Drivers need to enter their Name (First and Last) Team Name, Car Make, Class, Car Number and any other lines on the form. Do not enter a number chosen by another driver.
4.5 Per SR2.5 Drivers are allowed to change classes at any time, but will only score points for whatever class they compete in for a given race.
4.6 There will be no custom skins for this league. Car number must match registration.
4.7 Registration with the series is agreement for XSR to use your registered name in Discord and social media posts regarding the series and our Grand Championship.

5. Weather
5.1 Weather will be enabled for the races using a live weather plugin.

6. Racing Room and General Conduct
6.1 All drivers, regardless of skill level are expected to drive clean and fair. Go for the gap, but don't run a guy off the road to complete a pass.
6.2 While on our server or our Discord you will act in a civil manner or you will be removed from the series and the discord. Fun banter, and heated discussion between rivals is ok, we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind.
6.3 When racing on our server, if you find you are faster than other cars in your class, keep driving, do not slow down to let them catch up, pass you, and then proceed to pester them on course, just to be near another car. We have had problems with this in the past and it caused wrecks in championship races. Farm SA, get your traffic fix, etc etc in before Qualifying.
6.4 Intentional Crashing is forbidden and shall be met with disqualification from the round, a 1 race suspension, and a 13 month probation period. Further instances will result in steeper consequences.

7. Incident Review
7.1 A driver may submit an Incident Review Request form if they are involved in an incident or witness a breach of rules.
7.2 Follow the link in the next post to submit an IRR
7.3 The driver must give us time in replay, lap, cars involved.
7.4 Race Control will review submitted IRRs as quickly as possible to determine an outcome.
7.5 Penalties can include but are not limited to a drive-thru all the way up to a points deduction, DQ, or Suspension.
7.6 IRRs resulting in penalties will have the penalty assessed at the next event, except in the case of the final race of the year, where they will be assessed as add-on time penalties.

8. Teams
8.1 Teams are allowed and will be scored for a Team Championship
8.2 Teams are limited to 3 cars in the same class.
8.3 Teams with more than 3 entries in the same class will have to enter their remaining cars into a different class (IE "XSR Racing" has 7 entries. Only 3 could be in GT3. The remaining 4 would need to be split between the at least 2 of the 5 other classes.

9. Have Fun
9.1 Bottom line is, we are sim racing to have fun. So let's have fun while we race. No sense in letting something that happens on race night ruin our good times. Cut loose, race clean and enjoy yourself!
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I’ll include it this time, but please use the form from the registration link. In post #4. All available forms can also be found by using the Forms link in the top navigation bar.😁

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Glad to have you guys back 😁
can someone in admin please reset the server so its not forced cockpit view
we would like to practice but if its not changed we will not race,thats 3 less entries
Its been dealt with along with a host of other things checked this morning. But look man, I don't mind changing some certain server settings on request if they make sense to me and don't mess with the design of the series. Cockpit view is something we haven't required for a long time, wasn't even looked at when setting up the test server, and I don't mind changing it. I got the initial request yesterday morning from Frank, but I had to prep, deal with, and clean up the aftermath of my kid's birthday party. As everyone here does, myself, Glenn and Alexi all have things outside XSR that take precedence, which comes as no surprise to you I'm sure, so we aren't always going to get to every request right away, especially when we are still a week out.
Schedule Adjustments made!
The VIR race on March 11th will be the last race on Eastern Standard Time, and we will be switching to Eastern Daylight Time. You will need to use timeanddate.com or similar to do the time zone conversion for your location.
Two announcements to make!

1) As of 3/12/23 (March 12) we will be racing on Eastern Daylight Time! For MOST U.S. members, this won't make any difference but if you are in one of the few states that does not change time or if you are in another country you will want to recalculate your time zone conversion.

2) We are in the process of deciding on a new qualifying format. More on that by Wednesday.
Important announcement in follow up to previous post. We are eliminating Qualifying on race night. Race start time will not change at this time, but it may move up to half an hour earlier by the end of the season depending on a few things on the admin side. So, how will you get your grid positions?

The grid will be set by drivers who take part in the two week pre-race testing. The order will be taken from the best 5 complete, timed laps a driver can achieve, averaged. The times will then be re-ordered by class (just in case there are any GTC guys hanging with GTEs). Of course this test session counts as practice as well as per usual. The Qualifying window will close Friday 11:59:59 PM EDT (the night before the race), to the closest complete result file, be it before or after the 11:59pm cut off. This means if you post finish posting laps at 11:58 pm, but the server rolls on into the early morning without closing the result file, it may not count, so get your laps in before Friday night. The last official server result file could be taken at 11:58pm Friday, 10pm friday, or 1am Saturday depending on which is closer to the "midnight" cutoff. Only registered drivers will have their times considered, and only up until the times listed in the previous sentence. All laps afterwards will not count. Drivers with names not matching their registration form will be moved to the back of the grid, as will all other who did not post enough laps, or post a time at all.

We will then take these averaged times and order them correctly and apply a batch file to the grid with up to 10 minutes remaining before race, to ensure everyone is connected. If the batch file does not work correctly we can, and will set the grid manually from the server side.