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[Review] Next Level Racing HF8 Review ( G. Briden )

Next Level Racing HF8 Review ( G. Briden )

Price: About $310 from various places do a google search.

Included: HF8 Haptic pad, Power adapter ( Multi Voltage ), Pad controller hub.

Build Quality: Very good stitching is good and all material seems high quality. All required cables are included and they are all long enough to fit most setups. The padding is a bit firm and the pad will raise your seating height by about 2 -3 inches so adjust pedals and such accordingly.

Software: This is by far the weakest point of this product. The stock software is easy to install and the interface is pretty clean and per game customization is easy. The game does NOT scan your PC it just gives you a bunch of Icons for games many of them you may not have but they show up anyways. Then the biggest FAIL this included software does not include settings or options for 5 driving games I own so unless you use an alternative you would NOT get any haptics from these games this alone would be a solid FAIL. Have no fear ALL is not lost.

Software #2: Go online download and install SIMHUB and this product become a magical thing. So SimHub may not be the most user friendly thing but with YouTube help all is good. I was able to setup the HF8 very easy though steps are a bit clunky. Each game has it's own profile that you can clone for the others and tweak to suit. Were the original software has about 8 force sliders per game with SimHub you have 12 or more force slider options. Be aware there is a small fee to purchase SimHub but it is one of the best tuners I have ever seen for gaming.

HF8 in Action: Every real driver says no Sim is ever close to real because you don't have the G forces or seat of the pants feel well with the HF8 you are one step closer. This thing is GREAT you can tweak so many forces that to be honest you will likely get sensory overload. I found the default setting simply overwhelming and I had to turn some OFF and others down to get the best experience for me. The separation between right and left side feedback takes it a step above most Butt Kicker setups alone let alone the front to back forces as well. I am not sure this will make anybody actually faster drivers but it does defiantly take game IMMERSION to the next level. After a short period of use I tried the same games with it OFF and it just felt so lacking. I don't care how high end your force feedback steering wheel is in Sim Racing this simply blows it away. When you have both together your gaming really comes alive.

Pros: Very simple install this pad should fit any chair or seat you have. The pad has straps that hold it in place very nicely, All cords and adapters are included and they all have extra long cords for whatever your layout is. The included software ( If it has your games ) is very easy to install and use. The ability to tune all 8 haptic motors to suit your taste makes your driving experience so amazing.

Cons: Uses haptic motors rather than transducers so for some motion rigs effects may not line up perfect. The material may get a bit sticky with long events specially if shirtless. The base software is HORRIBLY incomplete not bad just not complete. Some may feel best part of $300 is a lot of money for a chair pad.


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