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Race Control
Race Control
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Discuss any and all gaming here! Bring your battalion, flight squadron, or any other friends! Want to set up a gaming section? PM me and let’s talk about it!
Hey guys, anybody here play anything other than racing sims? I’m into DCS and console games when I’m not racing. Don’t do a lot of multiplayer stuff outside racing though, but I might could get into DCS. I’ll check out that truck sim thing too if you guys can get it off the ground, always thought big rigs were cool
I still fly FSX on steam.
I also have a huge collection of "table top" games ie: Harpoon, Harpoon Captains ed, Air Force, Air Superiority, Richtoffen's war, Silent Death, etc
on steam multiplayer, Planetary Annellation Titans, 7 days to die, Dying light,
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