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GTR2 Special Event - 10/21/2023

Where would you like to run a 60 min Enduro?

  • Nurburgring GP

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  • Mid Ohio

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  • Watkins Glen

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League Coordinator
League Coordinator

The GTR2 Club Series has come to a close as a regularly scheduled league, however I would still like to run some special events with it to keep it around using the mod packs we put together. Do you all have any interest in running a 1 hour enduro on October 21st, 2023? If so, at what track from the list above?

//----- EDIT 10/1/2023 -----\\

Alright guys, so based on the votes we will run Road Atlanta! If you would, please register what car you plan on driving for the event below. We will be using all default GTR2 cars and GTL-GTR2 cars. If you have a car in particular that is from GTL or GTR2 that is not in the default car list that you would like to drive, please shoot me a pm and I will add it to the mod pack. I would like to do an open test day on 10/14, so I will have the mod pack ready by then so we can get together and practice.

//----- Downloads -----\\

Road Atlanta 2016 by Neal Jani V1.1

GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981 V1.0

GTL-GTR2 Service Pack A

UI Mod by DucFreak V1.1 for additional setup options for GTL cars. --->IMPORTANT: Download V1.2 Bugfix in Description <---

Additional car pack to be sent with combined car classes on 10/14/23.

//----- Please Copy, Fill Out, & Post the Entry Form Below to Register -----\\

Full Name:
Car Make/Model:
Car Number:
Years of Sim Racing Experience:
How you heard about us and this event?:

//----- Current Entry List -----\\

# 27 - TBD - Glenn Briden
# 75 - 1976 Porsche 934 - Daniel Hunter
# 84 - 1976 DeTomaso Pantera Gr5 - Tim Hunter
# 87 - 1973 BMW 3.0L CSL - Thomas Benham
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Since the series I have deleted GTR2 can I get links to the files I will need for this event.

Hey guys! First post updated! Please register by posting in this thread using the registration form at the bottom of post #1. Thank you all, I look forward to racing :)
Full Name: Daniel Hunter
Nationality: USA
Car Make/Model: 1976 Porsche 934
Car Number: 75
Years of Sim Racing Experience: 27
How you heard about us and this event?: Creator
Full Name: Tim Hunter
Nationality: USA
Car Make/Model: 1976 DeTomaso Pantera Group 5
Car Number: 84
Years of Sim Racing Experience: 27 Years
How you heard about us and this event?: Turbolader
Last day to register for custom cars! Car pack will be sent out tonight or tomorrow morning. Practice server will be up tomorrow for testing. Radmin VPN info will be sent out to drivers.
Full Name: Glenn Briden
Nationality: Canadian
Car Make/Model: Very undecided between ( Lister Storm OR TVR T400R )
Car Number: 27
Years of Sim Racing Experience: Don't make me say it's embarassing :)
How you heard about us and this event?: XSR Forum
Hey, this looks like fun! Count me in.

Full Name: Thomas Benham
Nationality: USA
Car Make/Model: BMW CSL
Car Number: 87
Years of Sim Racing Experience: Bazillion
How you heard about us and this event?: This website...