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GTR2 Club Racing Information


League Coordinator
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League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2023
Series Overview

Purpose: The purpose of this series is to provide a SVRA type driving experience in a sim racing environment. Feel free to look up the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) for an idea of what they are all about. At the end of every SpeedTour weekend, a one hour enduro is run in which any car from any class that competed during the weekend can race. I have personally seen a Ferrari 458 GT3 and a Honda CRX racing on track at the same time. The competition is to be friendly, exciting, and more focused on the pure enjoyment of racing rather than the fierce head to head driving that is found in modern spec racing series. The goal of this series is to provide drivers an opportunity to man handle the cars they love on tracks from around the world with other like minded sim racers.

Entries: The default cars from GTR2 as well as the cars from the GTL-GTR2 mod by scca1981 are available to run in the series. If there is a GTL or GTR2 car from another mod that you are interested in driving that is at least 5 years or older, we will consider adding it to the list. If you are a modder and want to run a custom skin or have a car that you built that is 5 years or older and do not mind sharing it within our small community, you can drive that as well.

Event Info
Series Name: GTR2 Club Racing
Next Event: October 21st, 2023 at Road Atlanta. See Event Thread for Details & Registration. --> GTR2 Special Event - 10/21/2023 <--
RW Time of Day: Qualifying to start at 7:30pm, Warmup at 7:50pm, Race at 8:00pm EST Time
Game: GTR2
Mod(s): GTL to GTR2 Mod by scca1981, GTR2 Club Series Track Pack, GTR2 Club Series Car Mods, GTR2 UI Mod by DucFreak, additional mods if required
Car Class(es): GT, NGT, G2, G3, GTC-TC-76, GTC-65, TC-65, additional classes if required
Weather: Dry
Damage: 100%
Tire Wear: Normal (x1)
Fuel Consumption: Normal (x1)
Entry Cap: None
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Series Rules & Regulations

Car Entries:

If you are like me and can't leave a default game car alone and have to modify it or you are building something completely from scratch to race, read below. Also, please, if someone builds a car and enters it, do not take their mod and upload it to a different website without their permission. Please respect their work. All of the files will be privately hosted here to those that enter the events.

All cars must be 5 years or older to consider them legal for "vintage" events. Although modifications are allowed, each modified car must be presented in such a way that would make it believable that it may have raced in the era it was built. For instance, a bad example would be someone running a 1966 Lotus Cortina with modern formula 1 physics; it is just not realistic nor period correct. However, if a modder builds a widebody Cortina with the original suspension geometry, wider wheels & tires, and an upgraded drivetrain from a 1970's Ford Escort TC, that would be both believable and realistic, and cool :). Use your imagination, but make it believable.


The races in this series are to be treated as they would be in real life. We ask that you drive respectfully and cautiously, with the knowledge that there will be a wide range of cars on track at once. We have the possibility of having, for example, a 2004 Ferrari 575 GTB and a 1965 Mini Cooper S running on track together, so be mindful of each car's limits as well as the limits of the drivers that wheel them. We ask that the slow cars remain on the racing line, and the faster cars pass them off line. Discord communication can be helpful if you use it.

When going on track, we ask that you remain offline to the pit side of the track all the way to the first corner, as one would at a real track day, and when you are finished lapping, drive to the pits, then return to the garage. The only time it is acceptable to return to the garage without driving the car to the pits first is if you had a bad crash and the car cannot continue on safely. Please pull offline with plenty of warning when pulling the car into the pits.

If you are racing hard and accidentally spin someone out (it happens!), we ask that you pull over and wait for the driver to return to the track in front of you, then try your move again, unless they say to go on.

Flag Rules:

Green: Race speed permitted
Yellow: Slow down and be cautious, no passing until a green flag is visible at the next flag station.
Red: Gradually slow down, pull over to right side of track and stop.
Black: Return to the pits.
Checkered: End of race, slow down and drive back to the pits.


The enduros will last 1 hour with a mandatory pitstop between 10 min after the start and 10 min before the end of the race. Tires and fuel are optional. Full course yellows will be disabled.

Dual Sprints:

The dual sprint race weekends will consist of two 25 min sprint races run back to back. The place in which you start for both will be the place in which you qualified for the first race. Full course yellows will be disabled.

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Address and password will be handed out on event days.
//----- Mod Download Links -----\\

GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981 V1.0

GTL-GTR2 Service Pack A

UI Mod by DucFreak V1.1 for additional setup options for GTL cars. --->IMPORTANT: Download V1.2 Bugfix in Description <---