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XSV8 S1 Information


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
Welcome to the 1st season of the Xplore SuperV8 Championship! As we are getting a late start due to an extended off season for our admins, along with an issue on our server we are still working on, we starting our season with something new, and honestly we are all excited about it. Super V8 action returns to XSR, in a new form and given the extended time between previous iterations, we start again at Season 1. As you can expect given the prefix of the section we will be using AMS2 and the SuperV8 that comes in it. No mods will be used and various tracks on the still undetermined schedule may be DLC so make sure you have your game up to date prior to filling out the entry form.

Dates: March-TBD
Day of week: Saturdays
Anticipated Number of Races : 6-10+
Extendable Season: Yes, depending on interest.
Game: AMS2 + Official DLCs
Classes: SuperV8
Start Date: Mar 23, 2024

Race Night Schedule (all times GMT-5, Eastern Standard/Daylight Time)
Practice: Offline
Qualifying: 8:00pm (45 min)
Race: 8:45pm
Race length: 45 minutes
Weather: Mixed (Pending testing)
Scheduled FCY: Yes, Halfway
Start: Standing
Registration: Open

Racing Rules:
Other than what you see below, standard racing rules apply. Track Limits will be fluid through the season if we see a potential place for errors. Most of us are grown up enough to race fair, but we will be keeping an eye on trouble areas and action will be taken if need be. If you get spun out, wreck, etc etc, we want you to still be able to race so we are turning on the mid race yellow. Take a deep breath, put it behind you and keep racing. All of us that are regulars here have won a race after being wrecked. Just keep diggin. We are here for fun, not for money. There is no review procedure. Our admin team simply doesn't have the time. Repetitive crashers will be removed from the site and the races.

Points will follow the real world IndyCar points table in each class (visuals to come soon). Teams will score points.

The majority of the time, the game will be the only entity calling penalties during an event. We will not reverse those penalties. As our admin team are also drivers, we won't be watching y'all like hawks. Its up to you to race clean and fair. If the game calls a penalty you feel is unfair you may ask us to look at it, but it is up to you to serve the penalty during the race. The most we can do in this situation is go look at the data and see if we can figure out why it called the penalty and if anything can be adjusted to avoid it in the future. Race Control (the Admin Team) does reserve the right to set additional penalties when we feel it is necessary.

Balance of Performance
It’s single make, no BoP here!

Now for the biggest rule of them all:
While yes sim racers have made a name for themselves doing sim racing, and while I am guilty of having attempted it once or twice, that isn't what XSR is for. XSR is for fun friendly competition. Its ok to get frustrated following a series of events or bad finishes, but its all for fun, and you'll take that checkered flag first one day while someone else is having a bad run of races.