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ShadeTree PC XTCC Season 1


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022

Game: Rfactor2
Cars: BMW 330 E, Cupra Leon, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Hyundai i30, Infiniti Q50, Toyota Corolla, Vauxhall Astra
Tracks: Workshop
Sessions: Open Practice anytime a server is up. Final Practice. Warm Up Race.

Basic racing rules apply. Grid will be random for race 1 and then reverse championship order from there out for the 11 remaining races. Drivers may forfeit their starting position and start at the back. In the case of multiple forfeitures, cars will be placed in order they forfeited their grid spot. Formation/Standing Start.

A short manual yellow (no safety car, leader must slow to pit lane speed) will be called around halfway (or other select times within reason) if the field gets too split up. Lead car will need to activate their pit lane speed limiter. Yellows typically last a lap or less, as we try to get as many cars back on the lead lap, get repairs etc. The first time we implemented this in Porsche Cup S3, it resulted in amazing battles for the win. Drivers need to have the in game chat box turned on and be able to receive chat messages for the purpose of the manual/virtual yellow.

Points will be awarded based on the IndyCar points system, including bonus points, and with the additional single bonus point for running the fastest lap of the session.
New Rule following implementation in Porsche Cup: Once a driver competes in the series, they will receive 10 points for races they are absent after their first race unless we have a field larger than 15 cars. This keeps drivers closer to the championship if they miss an event without totally upsetting the standings.

Weather will be live via a live weather plugin. Full Course Yellows (with Safety Car) will not be called by administration in any case.

The Races - All dual 25 minute races.
Track Order:
1. Aug 19 - Laguna Seca
2. Sep 9 - Oulton Park Classic
3. Sep 23 - VIR
4. Sep 30- Donnington GP Portland International (Workshop Studio 397 version)
5. Oct 14 - Valenica GP
6. Oct 28 - Road Atlanta

Event Night:
7:15 pm - Final Practice
8:00 pm - Warm Up 1
8:15 pm - Race 1
8:40 pm - Warm Up 2
8:50 pm - Race 2
**Times are flexible and races may be pushed back up to 15 minutes without warning. This is to ensure maximum grid.
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Event 2 at Oulton Park is also TBD date wise. We had multiple entrants say they would be unavailable that night. We will either move it up one week to Aug 26 or push it back one week to Sep 9
Drivers must have message box turned on and be able to receive chat messages for the purpose of when we call our virtual yellow. We had an incident tonight where a driver did not heed the calls for yellow until he lapped the field and saw everyone was slow. It was easily rectified on the server side prior to race's end so the drivers could battle as they should but that may not be available immediately at every race.
Event 3 (originally scheduled for 9/16) has been moved to 9/23.
Please see the top post. Sept 30th race has been moved to Portland. It is a free track from rFactor 2 authors Studio397 and is available in the workshop
Thank you every one who participated in this series! It was an epic adventure right from the start and you guys helped to make this our tightest racing series ever! We set Margin of Victory records multiple times, I haven't done the math, but I'm pretty sure we broke some overtake records, and I can say that without a doubt this has been the tightest championship fight we've had all season. So congratulations to everyone who took a green flag this season, because you made this the best series we have ever hosted, despite the small field. Thank you to you all!

Special thanks to @Glenn who pushed me to put these cars on the schedule, and then picked a hell of a track list for the series. I personally can say I now enjoy a couple of tracks I never did before, thanks to the car/track combos he chose. So thanks again for an epic job in helping me set this up Glenn!

I think we can definitely expect to see these cars back on the XSR calendar in 2024, so stay tuned on info for Season 2!