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70's Extravaganza Info


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League Coordinator
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Welcome to the GT Legends 70's Extravaganza! This is a series based on the GTL Cup Challenged of the same name that celebrates 70's GT cars across 6 European race tracks. The series will use the default FIA GTC-TC-76 cars and use the same tracks as described in the cup challenge. Radmin VPN (Free) will be required to join the races. Our Radmin VPN server credentials will be provided to registered drivers. With Radmin VPN connected, the race server will be discoverable in game by navigating to Multiplayer -> LAN.

----- Race Info -----
Day of Week: Saturdays
Game: GT Legends
Classes: FIA GTC-TC-76
Start Date: April 27th, 2024

----- Race Night Schedule (all times GMT-5, Eastern Standard/Daylight Time) -----
Practice: Offline
Qualifying: 7:30pm (30min)
Race: 8:00pm
Race length: 10 Laps
Weather: Dry
Scheduled FCY: No
Start: Standing
Registration: Open

----- Schedule -----
4/27/24 - Monza GP
5/25/24 - Nurburgring GP
6/8/24 - Zolder
6/22/24 - Spa-Francorchamps GP
7/20/24 - Anderstorp GP
8/3/24 - Hockenheim GP

----- Points -----
First Place = 10
Second Place = 8
Third Place = 6
Fourth Place = 5
Fifth Place = 4
Sixth Place = 3
Seventh Place = 2
Eighth Place = 1

----- Points Standings -----
Daniel Hunter - 18 pts
Tim Hunter - 18 pts
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GMT-5, or EST. They are both the same

Dates have been updated. Next race will be 5/25 at the Nurburgring GP. I will be sure to have the server up early since it will be your first time with us in case any troubleshooting needs to be done.
Round 2 at Nurburgring GP tonight! Server is up! Let me know if you have any connection issues. Remember to start Radmin VPN. The game can be found in LAN multiplayer, not the online lobby.
Sorry I missed your post. If you'd like to do some testing tomorrow or this week just let me know. Next race will be 6/8
Join me on discord

PM sent
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