Favorites [GTR2]

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#1 Favorites [GTR2]

Postby Stephan » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:03 am

Ok, so as some of you know, I've turned more miles with GTR2 then most "should" lol, and while racing a 12 hour race at Sebring tonight, I got to wondering what's everyone's favorite car/track, as well as least favorite car/track (we can even do mods if you guys want). Also let's keep this GTR2 based, since we're all familiar with it here. Also, Also, remember these are personal opinions of likes and dislikes, there are no right or wrong answers in other words. ;)

So I'll start -

Favorite Car -
GT1 - Viper GTS-R / Aston Martin DBR9

GT2 - Ferrari 430 / Ferrari 458

GT3 - Ferrari 458 Italia (Who didn't see that one coming lol)

GT4 - BMW Z4 GT4 / Mustang GT4

Prototype - Lola B09-80 / Porsche Spyder Evo / Peugeot 908

Touring Car - Seat Leon

Open Wheel - F3000 / Formula Masters

Favorite Tracks -
Le Mans
Road America


Least Favorite Car -

GT1 - N/A

GT2 - Porsche 996 GT3 RS

GT3 - Ferrari 430 GT3 (Shocking eh? I've struggled more in that car then any other GT3)

GT4 - N/A

Prototype - Zytek 07S

Touring Car - Audi A4

Open Wheel - Champ Car Lola

Least Favorite Track -
Sturup Raceway (Sweden)
Road Atlanta


So there's my list. Let's hear what you guys' likes and dislikes are!

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#2 Re: Favorites [GTR2]

Postby Mongoose » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:59 pm

Wow that's really specific lol! If I get any names wrong here feel free to correct it. Being the big Porsche nut I am, expect to see a lot of that listed.

-----Favorite Cars-----
Any Porsche 911 based race car
03/04 Viper GTR(base game car)
Grand-Slam Gen2 Riley DP (I usually put a Porsche motor in mine..big surprise lol)
Australian V8 Supercars...Usually the Holden, but I could easily move to a Ford too.
And for a club racer...I gotta put down those 944s. That was a blast.
**Im currently enjoying the Oreca Prototypes in the XTC, but Im very new to prototype racing

-----Favorite Tracks-----
Road Atlanta
Daytona Road Course (in the right car)
Adelaide Clispal 500
Just about any other V8 track
Watkins Glen

-----Least Favorite Car-----
Most Ferraris. I can do a couple of them out there, but they aren't high on the list
GM products
F1 cars and any open wheeler of similar power

-----Least Favorite Tracks-----
Most Street Circuits...but I always try hard each time I go to one.
Daytona Road Course (in the wrong cars lol)
Ditto for Lemans and Nordschleife
Miller Motorsports Park
Spike Spiegel

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#3 Re: Favorites [GTR2]

Postby gle » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:37 am


Absolute favourite tracks:

+++ LeMans 24
+++ Hockenheim GP
+++ Moscow DTM Layout
+++ Bathurst

and i like roadcourses like "Cote Azure", and open wide tracks in scotland around the "seas" a.s.o.

Dont like:

--- Zolder
--- Zandfoort
--- Austria A1
--- Silverstone (all layouts)
(Because i never won this courses playing with my friends....... LOL)

...and i dont like tracks with only walls as track limit besides the road, most city courses.

Like all types of LeMans Protos and GT Cars...
...dont like cars before 1970 (because of no assistance systems!) ;-)

Dont like Formula Sport, because no no relation to reality.

A realy nice car is a ZAKSPEED FORD TURBO CAPRI 1980

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