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#1 Macros & JoyToKey

Postby Mongoose » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:14 am

So I am sure some of you have heard of the term "Macros". Well there were some things Ive been wanting out of these games we play that would require heftier animation than the games could support, such as pit limiter lights with custom animations. So this solution isn't exactly a 100% fix for it, but I came across a program called JoyToKey. There are others out there like XPadder, but they are basically keyboard emulators for your controllers/wheels/joysticks/etc. Ive never investigated them until tonight like a dummy. So I did a brief bit of research tonight before coming across a couple of these emulators and eventually chose JTK. Downloaded it, set my in-game headlight binding to the H key as it is in so many other games, and then set not one, not 2, not even 3, but 4 different bindings for just the headlights.

One is just the on/off function previously mapped to my button box. The 2nd I mapped in JTK to my in-game pit limiter button on my wheel, set some timing and presto! Now I have flashing pit limiter lights without having to toggle the switch myself....I know, I know...lazy compared to you old school guys out there :lol: . Oh and, this doesn't mess with the in-game mappings at all, so both are mapped at the same time.

Next, one feature I don't recall seeing an any video game other than Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, that was user controlled anyway, was Hazard lights, or 4 ways. Not to say it hasn't, I just haven't witnessed it myself. Anyway, crashes happen, and rather than rage quit, I personally try to get back to the pits, fix the car and continue. So I set up a Hazards function by copying my pit limiter setting and binding it to a button I am not currently using in game. This way I can have a calmer flash than the one below to try to let other drivers know I'm off pace without having to be on the pit limiter.

And last but certainly not least...You ever been behind lapped traffic, watching the guy you're chasing get away from you or trying to get away from the guy behind you? What about the ever important flash to distract the guy ahead just long enough to make a mistake and let you slip through? I was able to set up a light flasher doing this too.

None of this is tested online, as in whether or not other people see it, but since it's emulating the rapid pressing of the H key (in my case) I would assume it works online. I have a race with the guys in Hot Cars tomorrow and will try it then.

Anybody else using macros for other settings?
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