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#1 GT3WC Options

Postby Mongoose » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:45 pm

So here's the deal. I prefer the longer GT3 season, but I know some of you would like either a shorter season or a split season. I'm looking into adding an NAEC type deal into the mix as well, as that has been requested as well. So here are the two options I present to you today. Beginning in June, (because May will be GT3 Testing) there will be 29 weeks left for Monday night racing.

Option 1
12 race GT3 schedule-weekly: SimKart Fall and AUS V8s to follow. No Breaks, all out GT3 action with the same basic format for scheduling we've used in the past.

Option 2
16 race GT3 Schedule. Even split of Endurance races and Super Sprints, 8 each. On alternating weeks we run Sprints or Endurance, whichever is up next. After the first 8 races, we break for 4-6 weeks and run the SimKart Fall season. After the SimKart Fall season, we pick right back up with GT3s for the last 8 weeks. End the year with AUS V8s. Endurance and Sprint will each have its own Champion in each class, as well as an overall champion in each class. There will be 16 different tracks. Super Sprints are the same old 50 minute races, while Endurance races are 90-144 minutes, with or without time acceleration.

If you have questions please ask them and I will answer
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