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Postby bigcatfish80 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:55 pm

I mentioned on our Facebook group that I have this old game working on a new Windows 10 PC and would put this up for download for anyone that wants to play it. I've also tested it on my crappy Windows 8.1 laptop and got it to work there too.

Here are the steps (this is actually pretty easy setup compared to most older games):

1. First download the game from my mega here!axsHSDyY!_G3oZgK8Myaxiv65XXYksFiiuGaKfx16czZrh9GrMRA
It's not that big of a download. Man it's amazing how much less space things used to use....

2. Pick a place to put the game and extract the zip file to that location. It honestly doesn't matter where. Your C: or Program Files... anywhere you want to keep it. There's nothing linking the game to any directory so no worries.

3. After extraction, right click on SPCAR.EXE and go to properties. Make sure the following are set on the compatibility tab:
Compatibility Mode: Windows 95
Checkmark "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
Checkmark "Run this program as an administrator"
Click Apply and close.

4. Run the game using SPCAR.EXE. Your Windows Smart Screen Filter might warn you not to run this, but tell it to shut up and run it anyway. I promise there's no virus.

5. The Sports Car GT setup window should come up. The only thing you want to change is the option under "Select Video Driver." You can use any of them, but here is my rundown on these:
Software - It works but doesn't look great. It's a good way to test the game and just see if it works for you though. (Slightly Recommended)
Direct3D - This may or may not work at all. You should be able to get all the way to the track, but things might be slow or just not look right. (Not Recommended)
3Dfx Voodoo - This is the best choice because the game looks and runs the best, but it might be grayed out for you. In this case you'll have to go through an additional step below. (Recommended)

When you've made your video choice, click Play. Windows 8.1 also gave me another message about installing something called DirectPlay. If you get the DirectPlay message, tell it to SKIP the installation. Unfortunately this message may come up every time you run the game. I don't know how to disable it. Just say skip if you get this.

6. The game should run. You should see my name in the driver list. Feel free to create yourself and delete me. My profile has nearly unlimited funds though. If you want to change the name of my profile, there might be a way... see below if you care.

Okay the rest of these steps are just optional things and some common problems.

(optional) Install NGlide so that you can use 3DFX graphics that look better.
1. Download NGlide here (very small download):

2. Install Nglide and open up the configurator. Use windows search to find it if there's no shortcut on your desktop. Just type "nglide" and it should show up.

3. The only setting you need to change is Screen resolution. Make sure this is set to "By Desktop" otherwise the game will appear as a small window on the top left of your monitor and not go full screen. I also turn OFF the 3Dfx logo splash screen to speed things up a bit. These other options you can go ahead and play around with if you want to customize things a bit later on.

4. When you run SPCAR.EXE after this you should have the 3DFX option available to you. Go ahead and choose it to enjoy slightly better graphics. It's still 1999 folks!
Getting a wheel to work

By default, the game should already have my settings that I used for my wheel, but they might be only in my profile.
If you already deleted my profile or need a made a new one, here is the screenshot of my settings.

Use your wheel's profiler to adjust the maximum rotation to 600 degrees (assuming you have a 900 degree wheel). I found this number to be drivable on my Logitech wheel... though maybe a little twitchy. This setting should at least give you something to work with. Do NOT use combined pedals.
Only a few of your wheel's buttons can be mapped in game. You can always try mapping them to a keyboard button if you want using your wheel's profiler. I had to do this for the shifting controls so that I could use my paddles. If you're going to map buttons to keyboard keys, you might as well map up, left, right, down and also Enter and ESC unless your keyboard is close to your wheel... otherwise pausing the game or changing setting during pitstops might be difficult.
Changing the profile name
(Not sure why you wouldn't want to drive under a pro name like Alex Jones though...)

1. Go to your SportsCar GT folder
2. Open up the SAVE folder
3. Change the name of the Alex Jones folder to whatever you want
4. Open up that folder
5. Change the name of ALEX JONES.plr to match the folder name
6. Go back to the main SportsCar GT folder
7. Open up the "S" folder
8. Repeat the steps you did with the other folder. Be sure you use the exact same name.
9. Open up the game and check it out. You killed me and took all my stuff. Thanks.
Missing mouse cursor
It's not actually missing, it's just super sensitive. Try moving your mouse to the top left of the screen. It likes to hide in the right bottom area sometimes. If that doesn't work, ALT-TAB out of the game and then ALT-TAB back into the game. It should reappear.

Weird sounds
Sometimes the game sounds awful. Especially in the pits. I think it is worse on some tracks, but it's usually better once you get out of the pits. You can try playing with the Audio settings in the game's menu to see if you can fix this.

Too many cars
Be careful about how large of a grid size you set. If you go beyond the invisible magic number at a track, you'll find that you can't pit because there's no available pit stall for you. You are always the last pit box in practice, so if you start out on the track instead of the pits that's a sign you have too large a grid.

If you have any other problems, post them up here and I'll keep them updated so we have a good list of solutions.
Have fun

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Postby Mongoose » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:43 am

Cools stuff, Thanks!
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