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#1 Our Racing Rules

Postby XSR Race Control » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:12 am

We used to have a long complicated post here with our GCR, or General Competition Rules, in it. It is a good thing for us to have, but at this time, its just too complicated. So here's the deal that we used to have before the GCR was posted.

I will keep it short since we have all raced in leagues before:

1. Have Fun!!! Whats the point of doing this if you arent going to have fun doing so?

2. No Intentional Crashing. Thats you're first written warning. You will only get one more before you are banned. To date (4 years at this time) we have not had ANY intentional crashing cases.

3. No Flaming on the boards. Unfortunately to date that has resulted in 1 ban already. 1 ban we wish we did not have to give out.

4. PUNT RULE- On a general note, we do not operate with a punt rule as a site wide rule. But an admin may implement it if they choose. It may become site wide in the future. For those unfamiliar with the term "PUNT RULE", it is a self inflicted Pit Lane Pass Through Penalty for spinning another competitor. If requested by the spun driver, Race Administration will review the incident and in instances where we feel a penalty should have been taken but was not, we will add a 60 second time penalty to the offending driver's finishing time of that race. Requests must be made to your League Admin within 24hrs of the race, with cars involved, and time in replay.

5. HAVE FUN!!! After all, why spend hours doing something you hate when you already work all day?

Currently Mongoose, GBriden, Alexi99, Stephan, and DavyB are your league and site administrators. Feel free to go to them with questions or suggestions. None of them bite and all of them are willing to listen.
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