Current Lap Record Counts

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#1 Current Lap Record Counts

Postby Mongoose » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:22 pm

So as we all know, I have been having trouble keeping up with all of the stats in the last year or so. One of my biggest issues personally has been Lap Records. The way they are currently listed on the main stat page is TBD because they had only been tallied for best time across ALL GTR2 leagues, which takes away from those guys who earned records in slower cars. So what I have done is gona back through the result files (both Qualifying and Race) for not only GTR2, but RFactor and Stock Car Extreme as well and tallied the current Lap Record counts, HOWEVER...this number does not include the V8FU, DRM, Morning Grinders or Italian Rally Cross events at this time because for whatever reason, those files are not visible to me. I have asked Alexi about them and I am sure I will get those result files soon. But for the time being, here is how things sit...and keep in mind, some of these numbers will climb once I get result files for the remaining events. This is just a temporary post and once I am satisfied with the records and the rest of the stats I will remove it.

41-Spike Spiegel
22-Cameron Sansano
13-Catfish Jones
13-Davy Benham
11-Daniel Hunter
6- Tom Montgomery
6- Alexander Petrichenko
6- Alexi Rhaan
3- Glenn Briden
2- Pierre Huang
2- John McLamb
2- Valera Kudryshov
1- Tim Hunter
Spike Spiegel

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