How to HotSwap drivers in an AMS/SCE endurance race

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#1 How to HotSwap drivers in an AMS/SCE endurance race

Postby XSR Race Control » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:58 am

Here we have copied a post by Patrick Giranthon over on RaceDepartment on how to hot-swap during a practice or race session in Automobilista. This will be useful in future races here at XSR. We believe this is also how it works in rF1 and SCE, but we have not confirmed it.

Patrick Giranthon @ RD wrote:First you have to set up two keys in the commands.
The first is "Driver hot swap". It is used by the driver to allow the passenger to become the new driver.
The second is "Passenger selection" (not sure about these words but it is the next choice). This key is used by the spectator to become the passenger of a car, and then the new driver.

So, the day of the race, let's suppose that you are actually NOT driving the car. So, you have to connect to the server in "spectator mode". Go to multiplier then options. Choose the spectator mode and put it on "on".

Join the server then select the actual driver with a right clic. Then press the "passenger selection" key. A message will be sent to him : "XXX is now riding with you". Now you have to stay in the cockpit with him.

When he is ok (during the pit), the driver has to press the "driver hot swap" key. After 3 seconds (can be changed), you will have the car under control and the driver will become a spectator.

Have fun!

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