Controller not allowing gear change...

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#1 Controller not allowing gear change...

Postby Mongoose » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:26 am

Last night we had an instance where a driver couldn't downshift past 1st when in forward gear, or once in reverse, could not shift up out of reverse. Almost like neutral was unavailable. During the race he spun out and downshifted through neutral and into reverse, but then it wouldn't let him out of reverse and if forced him to retire. Any ideas?
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#2 Re: Controller not allowing gear change...

Postby Stephan » Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:52 pm

I've seen this happen before, and I'm trying to remember what causes that. Not sure if the person is using a steering wheel or arcade controller, but my guess in either case, is they have to make sure that neutral is undefined, meaning it has no key or button option next to it (basically it has a " - " next to it in the steering wheel options)

On the other hand, if it is blank, there may be something in the persons control set up, that's causing it to be selected without them knowing. Logitech software had an issue like that if a person didn't set the profile up properly, or was using a profile that had buttons and keys programmed to a certain function for other games.
To remedy this, the person has to assign a button to neutral, then every time they want to go into reverse, they have to hit the neutral button.

The other option that I can think of right off that may cause a problem, is make sure the person is NOT using automatic shifting and trying to shift. The auto shift will "overrule" the shifting and cause certain gears to not be selected.

Again I don't really know what the conditions are, like if its an arcade controller or actual steering wheel, but first things first I would check to see if neutral is assigned or not. If it is, unassigned it.

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