Run by the Pitbull, or Stephan as he's otherwise known, VC United is the place to go to for high quality GTR2 mods and skins.

It all started years ago for Stephan and through it all, now we have VC United. Originally started as part of a joint effort with Xplore Sim Racing, VC United served as Stephan's return to the GTR2 community after a short lay off period. Now hes back and better than ever, cranking out mods of amazing quality, both visually and behind the scenes. VC United is currently our premier mod partner and has supplied us with several mods to run leagues with. Please take a moment to visit VC United.

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Without Shade Tree PC, racing at XSR would be almost impossible.

Long time sim racer and friend of XSR Administration, Alexi99 has helped XSR in out continued quest for growth. His company, Shade Tree PC (based out of Colorado) has been providing our GTR2 Server since November 2014. A GTR2 server capable of running 38 cars. This is possible by using a proper game server, with a few edited files and a massive bandwitdh line. Shade Tree PC is also providing us with our new Assetto Corsa server as well as we look to increase our game support. Of course, Shade Tree PC does much much more than host game servers. For more information on Shade Tree PC and their services, visit the link below.

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